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With the increasing use of technology, different beauty companies have come up with different beauty treatments. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to choose among so many options. Because there are always new and innovative beauty procedures and treatments on the way. To opt for the best and trustworthy company, you need to research and collect some information. Below mentioned information is about one of the known companies, Beauty Angel. It is one of the trustworthy companies that always come up with reliable beauty services. This article is a review of one of the popular treatments, Beauty angel red light therapy.

Most popular beauty angel services

beauty angel services

Beauty angel is the best and trustworthy company that offers safe beauty services and beauty products. Beauty angel has been a part of JK Company for 40 years and you can feel safe using its products. Because all of its products are tested by relevant authorities of the European Union. Also, all of its products and beauty angel services are created and verified with great care in Germany.

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Beauty angel majorly offers effective services under the instructions of professionals for your skin and body. Some of the must-try products and treatments by beauty angel are;

Beauty N’ Go: It is a fast treatment for glowing skin with a combination of beauty techniques and light therapy.

Beauty angel ELT: This treatment uses a panel device with energizing light technology.

Energizing skin massage: An effective massage combined with light therapy.

All these above-mentioned services are rated the best among so many other. You can get above and any other beauty angel service from different salons. Figure out what sounds best for your skin and what your skin needs at that moment. Then, research a little before getting the actual Beauty Angel services.

Beauty angel red light therapy

Red light therapy has gained the popularity of being the most advantageous beauty treatment. So, beauty angel took the benefit and added it to many of their beauty services. Read below-written information to know what beauty angel red light therapy is before going to get it.

beauty agnel red light therapy

Red light therapy is the procedure in which light of a specific wavelength is thrown on the parts under treatment. These wavelengths are absorbed by the skin imparting positive effects on metabolic processes, cellular energy, and the nervous system.

There is no pain when you get this service because there is no heat produced or released on the skin parts. This therapy works best against tissues and joints and also works as an anti-aging agent.

Beauty angel RVT 30 and how it works

Beauty angel RVT 30 machine is regarded as one of the most useful equipment as per the ease and benefits it provides. One of the best tools is referred to for total body enhancement. You might have seen it in spas, salons, and somehow at gyms. Let’s discuss various facts about this machine.

This useful machine doesn’t use any type of UV rays which is a plus point when compared to other tools that make use of UV rays to carry the treatment. Since non UV rays are used so there is no fear of any type of skin damage after getting beauty angel red light therapy.

A total body enhancement booth is a kind of tanning booth provided by beauty angels. The total body enhancement procedure is slightly different from beauty angel red light therapy as it also includes whole-body vibration treatment. This combination results in a number of benefits. This machine is meant to be used by a single person at a time.

How to use beauty angel RVT 30?

Beauty angel RVT 30 is very simple to use. So, don’t worry about any mistakes if you are using it for the first time. Just read the below steps and get your treatment without any problem with this machine.

beauty angel rvt review

  • Dress up in a way that all the body parts that need to be treated are exposed. It’s all up to you.
  • Enter the booth and turn on the total body enhancement machine by using the remote provided with it.
  • After turning on select the whole body vibration and on cooling fan from the settings. You are good to go now and enjoy the therapy.

The bright lights in the total body enhancement machine are completely safe for your eyes. However, if your eyes are more sensitive to bright lights you should prefer wearing sunglasses before going into the booth. In this way, you can enjoy the treatment with maximum comfort.

Advantages of beauty angel total body enhancement service

advantages of beauty angel

You must be wondering if there are any real benefits of this beautiful angel red light therapy or it is just an unnecessary treatment. The answer is here that this treatment is without any side effects and imparts different beneficial effects to your skin.

Total body enhancement treatment taken in beauty angel RVT 30 is the best and gives you the following benefits.

  • First of all, it helps reduce stress levels.
  • Weight loss goals can be achieved by this due to the combination of beauty angel red light therapy and whole-body vibration.
  • You can boost up your body before a workout.
  • It also works to lessen pain or inflammation.
  • Speeds up the healing process of wounds.
  • Skin that is damaged by the sun can also be repaired with the help of beauty angel red light therapy.
  • Fine lines, stretch marks, and wrinkles can be treated in the safest way by constant use it.
  • Also works best for skin blemishes and acne.

All these are the benefits that you receive from getting beauty angel red light therapy. So, search for this treatment in nearby gyms or salons to get the following advantages.

Is there any side effect of this treatment?

With the combination of some useful technologies and procedures in total body enhancement treatment, your body needs a proper and good diet. On a complete note, there are no side effects of this treatment. You just need to follow up on different instructions if you want to get benefited truly. Slight changes are observed on using it for some weeks while the actual impacts are visible after months of this treatment.


As there is no risk or harmful effect of using a total enhancement treatment machine, you should give it a try. If you are concerned about your fitness or beauty, prolonged use of this treatment can help you reach your goals.


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