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Best Body Lotions for Crepey Skin on Arms and Legs

Crepey skin refers to the type of skin which is thin, wrinkled and has an appearance like crepe paper. Crepey skin has so much common with wrinkled skin but it happens on large skin areas like legs and arms. Arms and legs develop crepey skin followed by more thinness and fragility. With the skin on your arms becoming loose and flaccid, you may also experience the fullness of that body part. Along with dermatology treatments, some best body lotions for crepey skin on arms and legs can also be used as a home- fix to improve the skin. Before we get into detailed information about the best body lotions, let’s discuss what can be the causes of crepey skin?

How is crepey skin caused?

Crepey skin is mostly caused by sunburn and aging. However, these are not the only reasons. Excessive weight loss and a lack of moisture or a combination of any of these can cause crepey skin. To avoid this damage, there are certain protective measures that you should follow.

Therefore, to prevent your skin from getting crepey you must take some measures. You should use sun protector creams or sun-protective clothing to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Similarly, the use of helpful moisturizers and body lotions is a must to improve the look of your skin.

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8 best body lotions for crepey skin on arms and legs

Cosmetic and dermatology have played a very important role in providing the best solutions to these skin problems. For crepey skin on arms and legs, there are certain body lotions out there that can help improve your wrinkled- paper-like crepey skin. Their useful formula is all there to moisturize your skin, soothe crepey parts and improve texture. So, let’s discuss some of the best creams and lotions for crepey skin on legs and arms.

Crepe erase advanced body repair treatment

Crepe erase advanced body repair treatment is the best-formulated cream by body firm company. This cream is made especially for dry skin and targets the signs of aging on your skin. Crepe erase works to moisturize and smooth your skin. The blend of essential nutrients present in it, it increases the natural elastin production to repair the skin texture. Crepe erase cream by body firm is tested by dermatologists thus it’s the safest cream to use for the treatment of crepey skin.

Best Body Lotion For Crepy Skin

StriVectin crepe control tightening body cream

Crepe control tightening body cream formulated by StriVectin is the best cream you can use for treating crepey skin on arms and legs. StriVectin has been the best skincare brand and its research on aging and other skin problems is highly appreciated. The formulated crepe cream by this skincare brand could be your favorite with its long-lasting helpful results. The creams aim to improve crepey skin parts along with enhancing the overall appearance, texture, dullness, and uneven tone. Try this to get the best smooth and super soft skin on arms and legs. Check Other best body lotions for crepey skin on arms and legs in 2021.

StriVectin crepe Best Body Lotion For Crepey skin

InvisiCrepe body balm

InvisiCrepe body balm by city beauty is another best-formulated skin cream that helps prevent aging skin. This cream is made of hydrating ingredients and some other useful skin-tightening proteins. The important impacts it has on the skin are providing hydration, helping cell regeneration, and protein network support. The best skin cream to get healthy, smooth, and silky skin.

Adamia therapeutic repair lotion

This is the best therapeutic repair lotion by the Adamia skincare brand. It helps in treating distressed, crepey, and damaged skin. The formula of this body lotion is a blend of both nature and science. The natural oil-producing components of this lotion result in excellent hydration and moisturization of crepey skin on your arms and legs. This repair lotion is ideal for skin in need of repair and wrinkled paper-like skin.

Alpha skincare renewal body lotion

Alpha skincare renewal body lotion is formulated with so many useful ingredients that help improve your crepey skin on arms and legs. The glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acid used in its formula supports collagen formation and also removes dead skin cells to form brighter and smoother skin. Its key ingredient glycolic acid results in excellent exfoliation of the damaged and crepey parts of the body.

InstaNatural crepe skin firming cream

InstaNatural crepe skin firming cream is the best body lotions for crepey skin on arms and legs product that firms the flaccid and fragile skin type. It works excellently to firms the skin, tighten wrinkled, saggy, and loose skin of various body parts. Crepe skin firming cream is an ideal skin product for all skin types’ i.e. sensitive, dry, and mature skin. Opt for this beat ideal cream to get rid of wrinkly and crepey paper-like skin.

REN AHA smart renewal body serum

Smart renewal body serum by REN AHA is another best skin care product that is neither a lotion nor a cream. Rather it is a body serum, which means comes in the form of a serum, lighter than a cream. This serum does the exfoliation of your skin in the best way resulting in smoother, more radiant, and softer skin. With continuous use of this serum, the moisture level of your skin is improved and you get smooth, silky skin. Smart renewal body serum helps improve hydration providing naturally glowing skin. These are the best body lotions for crepey skin on arms and legs in 2021.

Medix 5.5 retinol & ferulic acid anti-sagging treatment

Medix 5.5 retinol and ferulic acid anti-sagging treatment is the best-formulated lotion to get better skin. As the name indicates, it is formulated with retinol and ferulic acid that tightens sagging skin and stimulates hydration. Other useful key ingredients of this lotion such as chamomile, aloe Vera and black tea targets the signs of aging thus helping in the improvement of wrinkled skin. For More Fashion Releated Updates Visit Dazzly Beauty.


Crepey skin can be caused due to different factors if not sunburn then aging can be the reason. Therefore, do a favor to your skin by following some skincare routines. When your skin is well-nourished, hydrated, and moisturized, then there is less risk of getting wrinkled or crepey paper-like skin. Use any of the above-mentioned cream, lotion, or serum to improve your skin moisture level and texture. The more the use of the best body lotions for crepey skin on arms and legs is in your everyday skincare routine, the lesser is the risk of getting wrinkled and crepey skin.


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