Aquaphor vs Eucerin- Which Should Be Your Choice? 2021 Guide

Aquaphor vs Eucerin

Aquaphor and Eucerin are skincare products that are formulated to repair damaged skin. These repairing lotions are often referred to the people with highly cracked and dry skin as they are formulated with the best effective skin-repairing elements. Lotions are the best way to treat and moisturize dry and cracked skin. But it only works when you select the best suitable product for your skin. Simple lotions don’t work the way you want and that’s why you need to opt for a prime repairing skincare product. Here is the comparison about Aquaphor vs Eucerin which one is best for your skin.

Aquaphor and Eucerin both are high-end skincare products that are formulated to heal damaged skin, repair it and give it a smooth, soft touch. Though both of them are highly recommended still you need to figure out which will be the best for your skin type. Choosing any skin product according to the skin type i.e. oily, dry, sensitive, normal and combination is the only way to get benefit from that product. Read below to know what are Aquaphor and Eucerin specific for and for what type of skin they will work effectively.

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Aquaphor vs Eucerin- what’s the difference?

If you think that they are similar products on the basis of fact that Aquaphor is manufactured by Eucerin Company, then you are absolutely wrong. Both Aquaphor and Eucerin are different products having their own qualities, ingredients, and benefits to several skin types. You need to research a little before approaching Aquaphor and Eucerin for any purpose. Let’s first discuss how Aquaphor and Eucerin are synthesized before getting into the detailed benefits provided by them.

Aquaphor and Eucerin


Aquaphor is formulated with 41% petroleum jelly due to which it radiates similar vibes to that of Vaseline. But it is actually a whole different product. Aquaphor is ranked top among moisturizing creams and it works as the best emollient against scaly, dry and dehydrated skin. Aquaphor comes with a greasy texture developing a sufficient moisturizing barrier on the skin. Aquaphor provides advanced therapy to the skin, works on the damaged skin areas, heals the dehydrated skin, and gives smooth, moisturized skin.

Aquaphor is a clinically approved moisturizing lotion that has the ability to restore the softness of your skin. It can be used to protect your skin from extreme weather conditions and works well for different skin infections. The key ingredients glycerin and panthenol used in it provide ultimate nourishment to your skin. Although Aquaphor is a bit expensive than Eucerin it has great benefits.


Eucerin on the other hand is formulated with a lesser concentration of petroleum jelly and is less greasy as compared to Aquaphor. It is the best moisturizing cream that heals extremely dry, combination, and sensitive skin. It comes in lotion form as well as in cream form and can be the best moisturizing treatment for dry or extra dry skin types. It is the highly recommended skincare lotion manufactured by the leading beauty company, Eucerin. The healing properties it holds make this cream an idea invention.

Eucerin is formulated with ceramide 3 which is the best ingredient that locks up moisture in your skin. It helps skin retain the moisture thus contributes to soft, healthy, and smooth skin. Other key ingredients such as urea and glycerin remove the dead skin cells of your skin keeping it super hydrated. It doesn’t give an extra greasy feel and also benefits the skin in several ways.

Uses/benefits of Aquaphor and Eucerin

Several skin issues can be resolved with the use of Aquaphor and Eucerin. They hold several healing properties and thus can be used to repair skin.

Best moisturizer for dry feet

Aquaphor and Eucerin are the best moisturizers for dry skin with their advanced healing actions. Due to the presence of fewer oil glands, the soles of our feet get dry very easily. These soles due to less availability of oil are not able to retain the moisture thus resulting in cracks formed on the feet. Aquaphor and Eucerin carry extra healing powers thus work well against dry feet. These lotions give enough moisturizer to the damaged skin and stimulate the healing process.

Heals mild Eczema cases

A doctor’s consultant is needed when a person gets a severe attack of eczema. Whereas Aquaphor can be the best aid when you get a mild attack of eczema. It helps in the healing process, all you need to do is to rub it gently on the affected part.

Works well on wounds

Aquaphor and Eucerin both are good wound healers as they form a protective layer on the wounded part. After the bleeding stops, these creams can be applied to the wounds as they stimulate the healing process and helps the skin retain moisture. Also, they inhibit microbial growth more specifically bacterial growth thus limiting the flourishment of any type of infection.

Heal burns

With the atmospheric pollution and environmental stressors affecting our skin badly, burns are another leading skin issue in the present era. Different skin types get burns such as sunburns, burns due to friction, and wind burns. Skin damage due to any such burns can be treated and healed with the use of lotions. Both Aquaphor and Eucerin have healing properties and the skin gets even when applied on a regular basis.

Aquaphor vs Eucerin- which will be the best for your skin type?

Aquaphor and Eucerin both carry a couple of healing properties and are the best moisturizer retaining skincare products. To some extent, they carry the same purpose, but it is not completely the same. Both of them have different effects on different skin issues.

People with serious skin issues like eczema and severe skin dryness should opt for Aquaphor as keeps the skin moisturized in the best way. Eucerin on the other hand is a less greasy cream that acts as a Korean moisturizer providing enough moisturizer and hydration to dry skin types. The hydrating property of Eucerin is the best to consider and it is due to the humectants used in it that lock up water in the skin.


Now that you have studied various benefits provided by Aquaphor and Eucerin, it is totally up to you to figure out which one is better for your skin type. You know your skin type much more than any other, so choose either Aquaphor or Eucerin according to the needs of your skin type. We have mentioned the ingredients, benefits, and for what type of skins both Aquaphor and Eucerin works. Read the above-mentioned information to get an idea of choosing Eucerin and Aquaphor for your skin type.


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