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korean vitamin c serum

Korean vitamin C serum is the best product just like other Korean skincare and beauty products. Vitamin C is one of the crucial nutrients that are required by the human body for certain activities. On the same note, vitamin C is the best serum to protect our skin against harmful sun rays and free radicals present in the atmosphere. Vitamin C can also be the best pick to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, getting natural glowy skin.

Korean skincare routine is the best to follow with their skincare products on the forefront when it comes to getting smooth & nourished skin. The worldwide popular Korean beauty brands such as Klairs, Neogen Dermalogy, and Purito, etc. offer the best vitamin C serum. So, if you are also trying to follow the Korean skincare routine and you need to shop Korean beauty products of skincare, you are at the right spot. Below here, we have mentioned some of the best Korean vitamin C serum for you along with their benefits. But before we get into details, let’s discuss what benefits vitamin C gives and what role it plays in providing healthy skin.

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How does Korean vitamin C serum benefit the skin?

Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid is an anti-oxidant. It has the following benefits;

  • It stimulates the production of collagen due to which the skin gets firmer and the process of sagging is reduced.
  • It is a very potent antioxidant that protects our skin from oxidative damage, pollution, and environmental stressors.
  • It is best for treating different hyperpigmentation issues like uneven skin tone, dark spots, and discoloration, etc.
  • Skin issues like fine lines and wrinkles are reduced with the use of vitamin C or its extracts.
  • Its acidic nature helps in replacing the dead skin cells with new skin cells giving a more luminous, brighter skin tone.

Best Korean Vitamin C serums

Now that we have discussed the benefits offered by Vitamin C, let’s get straight into some best Korean vitamin C serums that you should opt for.

Freshly juiced vitamin drop serum by Klairs

Freshly juiced vitamin drop serum is by one of the leading best Korean moisturizer beauty brands, Klairs. It is the best Korean vitamin C serum that reenergizes the skin giving it a soft texture. It has a lightweight non-comedogenic formula that works on dull skin parts and helps enlarged pores to reduce its healing activity. It has the lowest concentration of ascorbic acid about 5% due to which no irritation happens. Other essential extracts included in this serum helps to even the skin tone, make it smooth and radiant.

Best 5 Korean Vitamin C Serums

Real Vitamin C serum by Neogen Dermatology

Real vitamin C serum by Neogen Dermatology is the best serum that comes with 22% vitamin C in it. This serum is formulated with 12% vitamin c acerola- plex and 10% of stabilized vitamin c derivative; sodium ascorbyl.  With other multiple actives included in the formula, this vitamin C serum stimulates collagen production. Other roles played by this serum include antioxidant benefits, protecting skin against stressors, and hydration. It can be used on oily skin, combination, and normal skin to get a smooth radiating skin tone.

Power 10 formula VC effector serum by its skin

Its kin power 10 formula VC effector serum is also the best Korean vitamin C serum which is formulated with vitamin C derivative ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate. It is the ideal vitamin C serum to treat skin pores as it provides benefits such as skin tightening and pores minimizing. Collagen production is stimulated by this serum and hence it provides anti-oxidant & brightening benefits. The Camellia Sinensis leaf extract used in it protects the skin from sun damage, mostly protects against harmful UV rays. Hydration benefits are also provided by this serum leaving the skin moisturized and plumped.

Best Korean Vitamin C Serums

Pure vitamin C serum by Purito

Pure vitamin C serum by Purito is another best Korean vitamin C serum that comes with various beneficial extracts. It is formulated with arginine, niacinamide, plant extracts, and sodium hyaluronate liquid that makes the skin firmer and brightens the dark spots. All these various ingredients and plant extracts used in its production have multiple benefits to the skin. On a short note, it hydrates the skin, provides antioxidant benefits, targets wrinkles, regulates sebum production, exfoliates, and moisturizes the skin.

Vitamin C 15 serum by Cos De Baha

Vitamin C 15 serum by Cos de Baha is also among the best Korean vitamin C serums that help to get even, hydrated, and radiant skin tone. It is formulated with ascorbic acid 15% that targets uneven skin tone, reduces hyperpigmentation, lessens the redness, and provides protection against sun damage. This serum has the best concentration of vitamin C, probably in between the low and high vitamin C concentrations. Vitamin c 15 serum is the best to attain naturally bright and glowing skin.


Vitamin C is regarded as the top anti-ager along with the best skin brightener that should be a part of everyone’s skincare routine. Different products are formulated with different vitamin C concentrations to make them suitable for various skin types. So, figure out which one from the above-mentioned best Korean vitamin C serums will be the best suitable for your skin type. No matter if you choose pure vitamin C serum or the one with less concentration, you are always going to get huge benefits. All the above-mentioned best Korean vitamin C serums are ideal for various skin types helping them combat hyperpigmentation, fine lines, dullness, acne scars, wrinkles, and other skin problems.


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