How To Get Freckles Naturally Without Sun – 2021 Guide

How To Get Freckles Naturally

These days where many people love to have clear skin, there is still a charm found in a freckled face. If you are also one of those people who want to add this aesthetic charm to the face, then here’s how you can. Read the article below to learn more about freckles and how to get freckles naturally.

Know more about freckles

Tan or brown spots on the skin that are usually formed by the skin clusters are freckles. No girl or boy is born with freckles on the faceless they inherit them. On average, they are formed on exposure to the sun. Getting in more detail, we will discuss what type of skin cells are involved in the formation of these brown or tan spots.

Our skin has cells known as melanocytes and they produce a pigment called melanin. This skin pigment prevents our skin from harmful ultra-violet rays. When human skin is exposed to the sun, it results in the production of more melanin than required by melanocytes. The skin forms freckles as a result of this increased production of melanin.

Freckles that are inherited tend to increase with the passing years whereas those that are formed due to sun exposure starts fading over time. In summers, freckles are more prominent due to more sun exposure and start fading after the hot season. Usually, people with fair skin tone tend to have more freckles. Many people of certain regions commonly have freckles that are inherited while in certain regions of the earth having freckles is not common. Still, anyone who loves freckled face can get it.

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Some facts regarding how to get freckles naturally?

Though it is stated that the freckles are the result of sun exposure, but doing it straight is not the correct way. Not everyone is blessed with a skin type that starts producing freckles on desired parts when triggered by sun radiations.

Some may get their skin damaged by exposure to sunlight. Everyone possesses a certain type of skin which may or may not be able to develop freckles when exposed to the sun.

Genetics plays an important role in having natural types of freckles. On the other hand, the sun is the basic source to get freckles naturally. It doesn’t work for all skin types but it is still the triggering source of forming natural freckles at the right spot. There are other ways that will help you get freckles on the face if sun exposure happens to be a bad thing to your skin.

How To Get Freckles Naturally without sun

How to put natural-looking freckles on your face?

Read the steps below to create a natural-looking freckled face. And boom you are ready to shine every instant with your charming appearance.

  1. Choose a suitable product

Here we are going to create a natural-looking freckled face. For that, you need to select the best and most trusted product from your collection. An eyebrow pencil is the preferred thing to use till now. You need to choose that shade of eyebrow pencil that is a little darker than your skin tone.

It’s up to you to choose whether you want to have light freckles or dark. Since you are going to create your freckled face look at the instant, you must ensure that your makeup is done. You must know that a finely done prime and foundation will act as a good base for your freckles, so do it rightly.

  1. Put the dots

Next thing is to draw dots with a pencil. Now you know that you are on your way to creating a natural-looking freckled face, you should put the dots correctly. While drawing them one thing you need to keep in your mind is that the pattern should be asymmetrical or uncontrolled in other words.

If you will apply the dots in a symmetrical pattern you will no longer be able to get a natural freckled look. So, be careful and focus on parts where the natural freckles are typically created by the sun. Start putting small dots on your forehead, nose, and cheekbones in an uneven pattern.

  1. Slightly blend the dots

The obvious dots are not going to give a natural look. That’s why you need some blending. An impressive look can be obtained if you slightly blend the dots that you draw with an eyebrow pencil. It can be done in many ways, do what you find more suitable.

You can use your fingertips to tap the dots and diffuse them. You can also make use of your makeup brushes to blend the pencil dots. After doing so, again put dots on areas where you want to show sun-kissed spots clearly.

Ever heard of henna-made freckles?

Yes, you read it right, there’s another way. Henna is a type of dye that is common in Asian countries. This dye is filled within a cone-shaped body and used by women of Asian countries to draw beautiful patterns. This is a cultural thing and the patterns drawn by henna are washed after they get dry.

On washing, they leave beautiful brown colored patterns. Nowadays, many people use henna to get a naturally freckled face. This is done by putting dots with the henna in the same way as described in the above steps. A little blending and smashing of dots is also done and are allowed to dry. After washing, the skin gets brown spots and they really look like natural freckles.

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Important tips for natural-looking freckles

When you opt for creating natural freckles look, your skin must be in good form. A super hydrated healthy skin looks natural on putting the makeup products. So, try to give your skin some healthy treats to make it flawless. The fake spots of freckles will look real when your skin is well moisturized and healthy.

Apply translucent powder as it will let the fake freckles stay for long.

Use sun protection like formula or SPF whenever you go out to protect your skin from harmful rays.

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