Penny board – An Honest Review About PennyBoard

penny board

Penny board- one of the masterpieces created in recent years, has taken the world by storm. Many you tubers that have a huge fan following are also the cause of its popularity. Now, Penny boards are not only the household’s gadget name in the YouTube world but also a super invention for people of all ages. In this article, I am going to share some honest reviews about this super invention known as the penny board 27-inch jammin’ board.

Penny Board Review

Though it is such a good and heavenly invention still the question is should it be worthy to spend such a high price for a penny board? Or rather it is better to not purchase such a high retails board for 119.98 and go buy a knock-off? The real question is here and the honest review given below will help you figure out what’s best.

Here I will first mention what were my thoughts in the beginning when I got my hands on the penny.

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The very first thing that frustrated me to the highest was that I didn’t get the type of board I wanted. There was just a single style available and that was the jammin’ board with the fade pattern. The jammin’ fade pattern was not of my type and I didn’t want to buy it. It was not the pattern that I wanted. I checked out the whole shop to see if there’s another one in a different style or not. But all of them were sold out. This thing made me a little furious and I ended up buying the board that will never be even my 3rd choice.

penny board 27 inch

Then, there was a good test of my agility. As I started skating on this penny and that too on different types of grounds. I spent a lot of time riding on it when no one was around and also on a street with few people walking on it.

Technical details

Before we get on to the point of discussing how its ride is or how you feel when riding it, let’s discuss a little about the technical details of a penny board.


Penny Board 27 inch jammin’ board has black high tensile bolts that complement its red wheels along with deck colors.

Bearings and wheels

Red wheels of about 59mm 83A look quite good with the painted faded pattern of the penny board. These wheels are made using a high-quality chip-resistant formula of penny and this technology is enough good to provide you a smooth, good ride.


Trucks used in penny board 27 jammin’ board are of high-quality aluminum. These trucks are painted with the faded color powder to match the faded pattern board design and thus you have a faded board design from top to bottom. These trucks of quality aluminum make your ride strong and light.

How is the ride?

Penny’s ride is different in many ways. Or in short it is neither like a longboard nor like a skateboard. It would be right to say it has a separate class that is in between the two above-mentioned gadgets.

For the most part of my experience of riding the penny board, I have concluded that I skated on any terrain without any trouble. The running wheels of this jammin’ board never let me get out of the path that was extremely helpful. The only usual thing that I need to mention here is that I struggled to ride on the slopes. Obviously, it’s not the upward or downward slope but the left and right slopes of the road. The board slides more to the right or left slope making you feel that you are about to fall. And it happens to be a worry when you are riding fast.

penny board honest review

Another moment that I should just mention here was of the day when it was raining and I went out with penny to enjoy the pleasant weather outside. And I regretted it immediately. Because I wasn’t able to keep my feet from slipping every moment of the ride. The whole mistake was mine as I didn’t buy a grip tape to go with the board.

To put it in a nutshell, I will just say a single line that riding a penny 27 jammin’ board is similar to riding a skateboard or longboard.


Getting the thing of your choice is such a happy moment but it wasn’t for me as I didn’t like the faded jammin’ pattern. It is a personal thing and personal choice but I still regretted buying this penny board.


Since I didn’t like it even after so many days were passed, so I decided to modify this penny jammin’. I painted it by using my favorite color paints and using plastic tapes. I ended up creating a whole new look of this penny 27-inch Jammin board.

review penny board


The question is still there; whether you should go for a penny or a knockoff?

The answer is going for a penny. Buy the penny instead of knock-off. Because it’s the hardware, the quality, and the material of the penny board that let it stand in the crowd. The board is such a masterpiece and every inch is there to give you a smooth ride every day, week, and year. The high price is worth it when the board you buy agrees to the terms of long use. Also, you can design it the way you want to.


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